Aired on the BBC

After a few months abroad, Pocket Caravan’s tires hit the UK roads again with a gig outside a ruined Tudor castle!

We’ve also had some lovely feedback about the album ‘7 Steps From The Border’. Rock’n’Reel call it an:

“instrumental showcase for an ensemble whose conspicuously nimble genre-refusing, border-crossing approach is mirrored by a no less obvious musical agility that manages to be simultaneously freewheeling and tightly honed.

An appetising smorgasbord of influences… with added heat and piquancy.

Pocket Caravan… play with all the reciprocal relish of the best ensembles.”

We were also very excited to hear Radio 3 presenter Lopa Kothari play the track New Forest Drag on her World on 3 shows a couple of times during March and April!