Released in 2013

01 Fase 3
02 Bugreiro
03 Jegue De Tres Pernas
04 Sincera
05 Canopy Call
06 Chromatic Hora
07 The Rusty Wheel
08 A Half Remembered Dream
09 Venezuelan Waltz No. 2
10 Santa Morena
11 Old World (outro)

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7 Steps From The Border
Our second CD, released in 2010

01 7 Steps From The Border
02 Valseando em Porto
03 Kiselo Mlyako
04 Miles Apart
05 Minuano
06 The Narrow Road To The North
07 New Forest Drag
08 Quadrilha
09 Half A World Away
10 Caracol
11 Cruzeiro do Sul

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Our debut, released in 2008

01 Persian Lament
02 Cape Cod Swing
03 Blood Wedding
04 Ballad of a Whiskey Glass
05 Estiagem
06 Dia de Praia (Day at the beach)
07 Rua da Figueira (Fig Tree Road)
08 Parece a Bebe (It seems he's drinking)
09 Sambei
10 Tango Latino (At the Recoleta)

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